Gradlogistik Co.Ltd was founded in 2012 by a team of professionals working in the field of international and project transportations. Project transportation is a complex of services, which include the initial development of detailed planning of shipment schedule, loading schemes, transportation requirements, documentation, including customs, as well as the organization of the delivery itself. Professional approach and experience allows us to carry out transportation of project cargo as soon as possible, including the stages of processing of initial data and the development of the route, which has a positive effect on the final cost of our services. Our project can be made "door to door" or become part of your carriage.

Our services may include:

  •  submitting and preparation of universal and specialized rolling stock;
  • order of auto fleet and support of cargo by auto of cover or DPS vehicles;
  • loading and securing of oversized cargo, the development of special fastenings and lodgments;
  • obtaining the necessary permits and permits for transportation;
  • provision of military escorts cargo;
  • organization of delivery in the modes of import, export and customs transit;
  • insurance.

Project transportation associated with the delivery of various equipment, vehicles, tractors, agricultural and road construction equipment, large and heavy loads and structures. These are also transportations which stretched across the time of delivery. This includes bulk cargoes for which the agreed schedule of rolling stock supply ensures the fulfillment of the contract. These are transportations with participation several modes of transport (sea, road or rail), in which the careful development of route and TRANS-shipment options from one mode of transport to another affects the final cost.

Gradlogistik Co.Ltd works with both Russian and foreign partners. For the convenience of payments, ruble and currency accounts (dollar and Euro) can be offered.

International cargo transportation is a priority direction of the company's activity. St. Petersburg, where our office is located, and the adjacent areas are the largest cargo handling and transit hub in Europe. Several international transport corridors pass through St. Petersburg: road, rail and multimodal. The last of them – "North – South", which unites the road, rail and sea routes-goods are transported from Europe through Scandinavia and Russia to the Black and Caspian seas, from where they come to Iran and further to the East. We do not stand aside from the project of the revival of the ancient silk road, the transport route between the East and the West, the large-scale transformation of the entire trade and economic model of Eurasia, and first of all — Central and Central Asia.

We propose to jointly implement transport projects related to Europe, CIS countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan), countries of Asia and middle Eastern.